Q&A Relating To Change of Ownership of Phoenix Gym

Why is Phoenix Gym selling?

Level Up Fitness made an attractive offer for Phoenix Gym’s assets, members and employees.
Phoenix Gym is due for a revitalization. At the same time, Level Up Fitness is seeking to expand their footprint in Sarawak and Sabah. The combination of these factors made this sale a strategic move for both Level Up Fitness and the owners of Phoenix Gym.
Level Up Fitness’s move validates the investment that Phoenix Gym has made in the team, products and fitness experience. The Phoenix Gym team has worked extremely hard over the past several years to build Phoenix Gym into what it is today, and the entire team deserves to be applauded for the standards and innovations they made for the fitness industry in Kuching.

Will all the staff and trainers at Phoenix Gym be retained?

Retention of the majority of Phoenix Gym’s personnel, instructors and personal trainers is a condition of sale to Level Up Fitness. You will be able to continue training with the same familiar faces as before.

Who is Level Up Fitness?

Level Up Fitness is Sarawak’s largest fitness chain. Established since October 2009, we are the pioneer of large-scale fitness facilities in Kuching, as well as the first in the country to create a 24-hour low-cost gym concept, which we brand as Level Up Fitness Xpress.
Level Up Fitness has 10 facilities nationwide, including 6 in Kuching, and 1 each in Kota Kinabalu, Kuala Terengganu, Glenmarie (Selangor) and Segamat (Johor). Level Up Fitness is wholly-owned by Everrise Group of Companies. You may know Everrise as the supermarket operator – we belong to the same group of companies.
For more information on Level Up Fitness, please visit www.facebook.com/LevelUpKuching or www.levelupfitness.com

When will the change in ownership occur?

The change in ownership will take effect 1 June 2017.

What is going to happen after this date?

The current location of Phoenix Gym will cease operations by 10pm, 31 May 2017.

All existing members of Phoenix Gym will be transferred to various Level Up Fitness outlets effective 1 June 2017 depending on their membership types.
· Members on “Basic – Gym Equipment Only” membership in Phoenix Gym will be transferred to “Xpress Gym Membership” in Level Up Fitness. These members can access all Level Up Fitness Xpress gyms, such as BDC, Arena Sukan AND iCom Square only after 1 June 2017.
· Members on “Gold – Gym Equipment & Class All-Access” access in Phoenix Gym will be transferred to “Premium All-Access” memberships in Level Up Fitness. These members can access all Level Up Fitness premium full-service gyms, such as Vivacity, Petanak, MJC, as well as Level Up Fitness Xpress gyms at BDC, Arena Sukan and iCom Square after 1 June 2017.
· Members on “Day-Time – Gym Equipment & Class” access in Phoenix Gym will be transferred to “Home Club Only” memberships in Level Up Fitness premium full-service gyms. These members can access one of either Vivacity, Petanak OR MJC after 1 June 2017, with the same time restrictions as before.
All memberships that was paid for to Phoenix Gym will remain valid in the Level Up Fitness outlets that they were transferred to.

Is there anything I should do before this date?

You’ll need to fill up an agreement to Level Up Fitness gym rules and collect your Level Up Fitness access card before you can access a Level Up Fitness gym from the 1 June 2017.
We are still preparing the necessary paperwork to facilitate this. All current Phoenix Gym members will be notified by phone and e-mail once this is ready. If you have not yet been notified by 23 May 2017, please send an e-mail to phoenixgym@levelupfitness.com or call 082 335 737.


I prepaid my membership up to one/two years in advance. Will my existing membership be honoured?

Yes. As part of the condition of sale, Level Up Fitness will honour all members of Phoenix Gym who signed up before the change of ownership.

Will my membership rates stay the same after the change in ownership?

There will be no changes to your fees until the end of your membership term with Phoenix Gym.
After your membership term with Phoenix Gym ends, you may continue on your membership at Level Up Fitness at the current rates of Level Up Fitness. As long as you continue your membership (with no break), the RM200 Joining Fee that we normally charge for new members will be waived.

Will the Terms & Conditions of my membership change?

Your membership terms & conditions will not change. However, Level Up Fitness may have some new gym rules that you would have to observe.

I prepaid my membership up to one/two years in advance. What if I do not consent to the Change in Ownership?

As per your Membership Terms, your membership can be assigned to a new operator.
All members of Phoenix Gym shall be absorbed automatically by Level Up Fitness from 1 June 2017 onwards, and Level Up Fitness shall continue to service these members under the same membership terms.
If the change in ownership has severely affected your decision to remain as a member of Phoenix Gym, you must write in to the Phoenix Gym front desk on or before the 31 May 2017 for your grievance to be heard.


I have already paid for my personal training, what will happen?

All of the services and products that you’ve purchased, but not yet received, will continue as normal.

Will my personal trainer stay?

We hope so! We would love all trainers to continue working with Level Up Fitness after the transition period. All trainers will be offered continuation of their current agreements. Their employment shall remain, unless they choose to not continue it themselves.


Are there any special promotions at Phoenix Gym

From now until 31 May 2017, you may purchase a 1 month pass at Phoenix Gym at the special rate of RM115 per month. This pass entitles you to use Phoenix Gym before 31 May 2017, and Level Up Fitness after 1 June 2017.

Who should I contact if I have further questions about this transition period?

You may contact the Level Up Fitness / Phoenix Gym transition team on the following e-mail address:
You may also make any enquiry by phone on 082 335 737, or over the Phoenix Gym front desk counter on or before 31 May 2017.

The Borneo Post Online – 5/5/2015


KUCHING: Awang Mohd Azizul Ghani of Kuching flexed his muscles to wow the judges and win the champion of champions title at the Mr Sarawak Bodybuilding Championship at the Kuching Civic Centre last Sunday.

The 29-year old who is under the sponsorship of Pheonix Gym beat six other champions from the fly, bantam, light, welter, middle and light heavy weight divisions for the coveted title.

This is the second time he has won the title after finishing as champion of champions in last year’s edition held in Miri.

Earlier, Azizul had won the light middle weight (75.1 kg – 80kg) by outperforming teammate Langgong Jipong, Mohd Faizal Bojing from Miri and Bong Kok Wei of Sibu.

“I feel happy to win today again and defend the champion of champions title. I was very confident of winning and I was confident with my physical condition although there was some pressure (to win) and tough competition from others,” he told the Borneo Post.

“I am looking forward to doing well again at the Mr Malaysia in Labuan from June 5-7 where I have targeted to win in the light middle weight section.”

“My thanks and gratitude goes to my coach Dr Melvern Abdullah, the Freak Team, Kuching team members and Sarawak Bodybuilding Association for their strong support and encouragement. My wife and four children have also supported me in this sport,” added Azizul.

Taking up bodybuilding only in 2011 to improve his body physique, health and to challenge for
titles in competitions, Azizul has won the Mr Kuching title for four times in 2011, 2012 and 2013 (welter weight) and 2014 (light middle weight).

He was Mr Sarawak from 2011-2013 (welter weight).

Apart from that, in the Mr Malaysia championship, Azizul finished fourth in the light middle weight in Putrajaya last year, second in the welter weight in Penang in 2013 and third in the welter weight in Sabah in 2012.

In his debut in the Mr Malaysia in 2011 in Johor, Azizul finished in 10th place out of 17 contestants for the welter weight category.

He was also the first runner-up in the Mr Borneo in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah in 2011.
Meanwhile, Kuching were crowned the overall team champion when they captured four titles, six second placings and five third placings.

The champions from Kuching were Zulazaman Mohd Bujang (master – 45 years and above), Wilfred Harding Jiee (light weight, 65.1kg – 70kg), Awang Mohd Azizul Ghani (light middle weight), Aisa Rosli (middle weight, 80.1kg – 85kg) and Rajiv Vasutheran (light heavy weight, 85.1kg – 90kg).

Mir also put up a strong showing by winning the Youth (Under 21) through Jacob Jinggut Vincent, Azri Asmat Sefri (fly weight, 55.1kg – 60kg) and bantam weight (60.1kg – 65kg) via Hamizan Zaudin, while newcomer Farrokh Ibtisam Ting won Sibu’s only title in the welter weight (70.1kg – 75kg).

The Best Poser award went to Jeremiah Rukong of Kuching who also finished second in the middle weight category.

Read more: http://www.theborneopost.com/2015/05/05/azizul-successfully-defends-state-title/#ixzz3ZokGVPWU

The Borneo Post – 27/5/2013



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