STRONG by Zumba coming to Phoenix Gym!

Are YOU ready to take it to the NEXT LEVEL? Introducing Music-Led High Interval Training STRONG by Zumba™! Click on the teaser video down below!

What do I Wear / Bring?
– You are very likely to sweat!!! So please bring water bottle & towels are provided to patrons – you’ll need them (for drying hands, and drips on the floor). Phoenix Gym provides mats for the floor section and please make sure you are wearing trainers (cross trainers are best). Sketchers trainers and others designed to ‘work out while you walk’ will not be suitable as most have a slight heel and are designed to destabilize you. You need to have a solid supportive base for positions in this class to avoid injury.

I have seen the videos and it looks too hard for me?
-This class has been designed for ALL levels, you will be given options to make it easier or harder. The only way to find out if you can manage it is to give it a go, we will look after you, you might be surprised what you can do! How hard you work is entirely up to is about pushing and developing your own limits!

Is this like Zumba Fitness – I don’t like dance classes?
– This is a brand new program and not part of the other Zumba type formats. There is less than 10% ‘dance’ in this class and even that is very basic, you may not even notice it! It is however still fun and the music is awesome!